Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Definition of Photography

According to me, must be returned to the true meaning of photography itself ....
From some of the literature that I can, understanding photography is painting with light.

If the ultrasound itself is very different working principles, since ultrasound alone is Ultra Sono Graphy acronym. The principle works using ultrasonic wave generated by a given crystal electric waves.
Ultrasonic waves are sound waves that go beyond the limits of human hearing above 20 kHz or 20,000 Hz or 20,000 vibrations per second.
Her crystal can be made ​​of different kinds, one of which is Quartz. Crystalline nature of this kind, will provide wave vibration if given power.

Ultrasonic equipment itself there are various types. There Scan Type A, B and C.
What used to detect a crack in the steel is type A.
The principle works very easily. Staying uses ultrasonic sensors to menngirimkan ultrasonic wave and catch it again. Incidentally I made this tool to make a thesis.

That type C can display 3D images by capturing the different reflections of the thickness of the object in a fluid. Because there are various kinds of ultrasonic waves reflected at different times, these waves then translated by the processor to be converted into an image.

So ultrasound displays the image of the sound captured, whereas the understanding of photography is painting with light.

So maybe for now the results of the ultrasound is not included in the photographic work. Unlike the Scanner and the pinhole camera is still "painting with light". Click here for more info

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